Key features


Low monthly fee of £10 +VAT for unlimited tills and unlimited users – Tilgo is ideal for small businesses

SumUp integration

Integrates with SumUp card reader, allowing chip and pin or contactless payment by debit or credit card


Access quickly via your Android tablet or phone – Tilgo runs on a pocket-sized box which we supply

What you'll need to run tilgo

You supply:

Android tablet or Android phone • Star TSP 143 or 654 LAN thermal printer • cash drawer with RJ11 connector • wifi router • SumUp payment card reader, if required

We supply:

Tilgo box • support site • email support


 Tilgo can be accessed from an Android tablet or phone, and its plug and play system is neat and simple, so you’ll be able to get up and running quickly. Train your staff on Tilgo in as little as 15 minutes. 


Our pricing is simple and straightforward, like our product

First month free

Because we want you to try Tilgo out, we’ll give you your first month free.

Low monthly fee

After the first month you’ll pay £10 per month (excluding VAT), which covers unlimited tills and unlimited users, and includes your TilgoBox.

one-off deposit

When you sign up we’ll ask you to pay a one-off deposit of £70. If you cancel your contract and return the TilgoBox to us, this will be refunded.

I use Tilgo because I’m a small business and need an EPoS system that is priced with that in mind. It’s really easy to customise and because it’s not internet based, we’re not left high and dry if the internet goes down.



Managing Director, the Rummer Hotel, Bristol