Here’s a summary of Tilgo’s main features. It’s not an exhaustive list, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please contact us.

Pricing & Payment

  • Integrate with SumUp payment processing
  • Create bespoke items eg two cocktails for £8
  • Create fixed sum or percentage discounts
  • Open variable item price
  • Add comments to orders to specify customer requirements

Tables & tabs

  • QR/Barcode scanner using the device's camera
  • Place orders from the table using mobile device
  • Specify and amend your floorplan and tables/tabs
  • Split and move tabs
  • Auto log-off users and tables/tabs


  • Cash off an order and print a receipt
  • Use multiple printers and specify destination printer for each order
  • Redirect customer order to next available printer
  • Open cash drawer based on payment types

Layout & design

  • Add till categories
  • Customise layout and colour of till items
  • Create modifiers to prompt staff and capture customisations
  • Quick search using auto filter as you type

Reports & back office

  • Integrates with LiquidAccounts.com, a HMRC 'Make Tax Digital' compliant accounting software
  • Report with charts
  • Apply different VAT rates to individual items
  • Record and apply surcharges by payment type
  • Configure data in bulk using CSV file


  • Link customers to a bill
  • Email receipts to a customer
  • Create 'Credit' or 'Debit' accounts and keep track of a customer's balance over time

Inventory management

  • Create a delivery order or autogenerate when stock levels fall to preset minimum
  • Link stock items to suppliers
  • Record deliveries including stock, cost and VAT
  • Retrieve orders and record as deliveries
  • Define till items that are create from delivery items eg cocktails
  • View current stock levels
  • Perform a stock take and record shrinkage